How to set up an effortless Play Ball party!

Gina Eckardt

Hi friends! My Maximiliano turned 3 earlier this month and we celebrated his birthday with a baseball game party. Maxi is obsessed with baseball and I thought what a better way to celebrate his birthday than throwing him a baseball party.


Step 1: Invites!

Everything starts with the party invite, I wanted this party to be an authentic baseball party. So, I decided to create an invite that looked like a baseball game entrance ticket.

Step 2: Sweets Table!

I did not want to over complicate myself and only rented the baseball field, no party room. The field I rented had great dugouts with lots of space for guests to sit and lots of space for me to create a sweets table. So, I used the dugout’s cubby rack as my sweets table and it worked out great!


 Continuing with the ‘effortless’ theme, what is more effortless than a cupcake cake?! Park and kid friendly! My friend created this baseball cupcake cake for me, not only was it super cute, the cupcakes were delicious too (vanilla cupcakes filled with dulce de leche! YUM!).  I simply added 3 adorable baseball candles and placed it on the cubby rack.


As most of you know or will soon, once you get to know me more, effortless doesn’t mean plain in my book J.  My sweets tables always have personalized details that make each table unique.

I went to my local Target and got some popcorn boxes, popcorn, BabyRuths, chocolate pretzels, mini donuts, Cracker Jack and Big-League Chew. I also had sugar cookies decorated as baseballs (baked by me! :)).


For this one, I followed the invite theme and created favor tags and water bottle labels to add that personal touch I love.


Step 3: Favors!

For favors I found these beautiful baseball cheerleading bows on Etsy for girls and for boys I bought baseballs and put them in cute baseball hat ice-cream cups I found at Target. I just added the personalized favor tag and VOILA!


 Step 4: Food

Lastly, for food I went with hot dogs, super easy and mess free. I pre-cooked the sausages and used my super cute hot dog roller grill to warm them up. I did bring my kids table and chairs for the little ones to eat comfortably and decorated it with my grass tablecloth, baseball plates and cups.


 Step 5: Have fun and enjoy!

This party was a huge success and was super easy to put together! My son, his cousins and friends had a blast! And I did too!

I loved this theme so much I decided to put together a new party box for it. Now you can throw this party too! The party box includes all paper products (plates, cups, napkins and tablecloth), Play Ball banner, baseball candles, party invite, favor tag and water bottle label! All personalized for your little slugger! Go to the Party Box section to find it!


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