Hi!  I am Gina creator of CIBY Parties.  Thank you so much for visiting my website.  I hope you find everything that you are looking for and if by chance you do not, feel free to e-mail me and I will do my best to find it.  

My son Maximiliano, who is in the photo with me, is the main inspiration for starting my own business.  I always had a love for organizing and throwing parties.  Add this with my affinity for arts and craft and baking, and I became a hardcore DIYer.  Therefore, it seemed only natural that I start my own business from home, where I can continue doing what I love while spending time with my love!  I started small by simply helping family and friends with their party planning and soon I was busy enough that I could venture on my own.  

After planning many parties, I realized the lack of uniqueness at times.  I wanted to differ from the various party planners, by creating exclusive party supplies and focusing on personalizing every detail of the party.  I was inspired to create customized banners, toppers, invites and  anything and everything needed for a special celebration.  I am obsessed with themed parties, and work hard to have that theme flow consistently throughout the party, as in the napkins, cups, toppers, etc.  Seeing a perfectly planned party makes me HAPPY and seeing my client happy, makes me feel PROUD!

This is how the idea for the party boxes was born.  A client would simply order a box and they would in turn receive everything they need to achieve a one of a kind special celebration with unique, high quality supplies and personalized items. I put a lot of thought in these boxes, but welcome any ideas to customize them per your needs.  I do all the hard work, so that you can enjoy the party!

So, let's do this together and WOW your guests!


Gina (and Maxi)